Zucchini Rice Gratin; a succulent memory — 6 Comments

  1. What a marvelous plant! Looks like a snake plant and that you’ve found the perfect spot for it. I can’t leave anything like that outside. If it’s not a hardy perennial, it dies. It managed to make it to 62 today though we’re still under a frost warning for tonight again. sigh

    I wouldn’t believe everything Google tells you. Just like the ‘best used by’ dates on things, they’re only estimates and a lot depends on the conditions.

    • I can’t believe how well it does there. I put it in the ground and it exploded! For me, the ‘best used by’ dates give me an idea of how much time is left. I give most yogurt at least another 2 – 3 weeks. And mustard will get a year lol

  2. Agave americana var mapisaga. It will get a lot bigger. When it flowers the bloom stalk will grow about one foot per day and will reach 20 feet tall.

    • It’s going to flower?!?!? Wow! That will be exciting. I’ll have to google to find out when. I hadn’t a clue what it was but it did grow fast once it was in the ground. It’s kind of a sun-trap on that side of the house so it gets quite warm, even in winter.

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