Chicken Stroganoff; Moss, Mindless Meanderings.. — 19 Comments

  1. HA! I get to comment first.
    Stroganoff’s are a fave winter noodle dish, the sour cream and Dijon sound like a wonderful pairing.

  2. Can’t wait to see the new template…do you have to update every single page, though? Knowing nothing about this, that sounds rather daunting.
    In the meantime…brilliant suggestion the one about the Greek yogurt. I’m trying it out!
    Have a good day, Heidi

  3. I do that too. Underestimate how long things are going to take. I then leave it all to the last possible minute and then have to work my rear off to get things done on time. It normally works. I do seem to work better under pressure.
    Chicken stroganoff made with greek yogurt – Sounds like a splendid idea.

  4. Mmmmm, stroganoff! I LOVE stroganoff! I especially love it with egg noodles…
    P.S. I’m not at all an expert in getting rid of unwanted moss. My experience is with getting rid of unwanted dandelions from our lawn. Even though it seems very time consuming to hand pull up the unwanted plants, in the long run, it is the least time consuming way and also the most successful (I hope that made sense). The first year I spent probably a total of 5 hours pulling up dandelions. The second year, I spent about an hour. The third and subsequent years I spend about 10 minutes. And most of those 10 minutes are strolling over the lawn looking for that lone dandelion that is lurking in plain view.
    And don’t feel you have to do it all in one go. Chip away at it. Ten minutes here. Ten minutes there. Or… you could just wait until the sun is strong enough to kill off the moss. (I can’t tell you how envious I am that you have green things in your garden! We have a big snowfall forecast for tomorrow….)

  5. Chicken stroganoff using Greek yogurt sounds like a great idea! I like to add some dill to my stroganoff.

  6. That looks delicious…and all the ingredients are in my pantry! Well, except for the yogurt which is in my fridge 😉 Lovely dish…
    Wish I could help with the moss but as an apartment-dweller I have no garden experience! Good luck! 🙂

  7. what a lovely twist in Stroganoff!
    what about a glass of absinthe instead 😛 I look forward to the new look of your blog and garden.

  8. Way to go, Peter! I love Greek yogurt and mustard and would put them in everything if mon mari would let me…
    Heidi, I first discovered Greek yogurt in Andorra, from another Yank… suggesting it was better than plain as a sub for sour cream. Now I like it better!
    Amanda, if I don’t have sufficient pressure I do something stupid to give me some….
    Elizabeth, much like my epiphany with hoeing my potager a few years ago – if I do it every week it only takes an hour and I never have to weed. If I skip a couple of weeks because it doesn’t ‘need’ it, it takes all day to get it back… Those damn tortoises had the right idea…slow and steady!
    Kevin, dill would be excellent….Now why didn’t I think of that!
    Joey, I’m hoping if I close my eyes it will disappear… ever the optimist (or would that be the ‘fool on the hill’
    Gattina, I am truly intrigued by the absinthe… I’m going to look in the shops today 😉

  9. Good luck with the new website. I can’t wait to see it. As for time…I’m like you…my family usually adds time to whatever I say.
    The pasta looks great and thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  10. Who cares about moss — you have crocuses!!! It will be two months before the first ones appear in my garden. Meanwhile, I will make some of this stroganoff while I wait, and I’ll look forward to the new web site whenever it appears. (Remember that the deadline is self-imposed, so no need to beat yourself up for not getting it done. I have to remind myself of that all the time.)

  11. I would LOVE to be able to get some moss growing on some rocks in the garden! Every time I bring some in from a friend, it shrivels up and dies. I think it gets too much sun…perhaps some rocks in the shadier parts of the gardens. Meanwhile, I dream of spring and have to be content with the daffodils and hyacinths making their way into the grocers.

  12. Yum, always looking for a new way to use chicken! (We love chicken in our house) Never do the beef version, as we do not eat alot of beef. Great idea!
    I love the photos of your garden, are those crocus’ coming up (I probably did not spell that correctly) they look so sweet! Have not had the moss problem here, but have heard the only way to rid is to pull up by hand, as you do not want to damage the rest of the plants. Happy Gardening!
    (P.S. Looking forward to your new site as I have been thinking about doing the same thing, but oh what a task!)

  13. Bellini Valli, I know the feeling – about the bookmarks… Must clean! I hope you like it!
    Ruth, mine too – I keep telling them they don’t have to…;-)
    Lydia, yes I have crocuses… not very many this year, though. I hope the damp isn’t getting to them. I have snowdrops, too.
    And thanks for reminding me… about the self-imposed part… sometimes I forget!
    Farmgirl, I suppose I could borrow a 747 and send you some…. I certainly have enough to spare. No sign of my hyacinth yet.
    Deb, we don’t eat a lot of beef either. I know, pull it up be hand…. BORING!!!! but must be done!

  14. I live in the desert, and I miss moss. My kids don’t even know what it is! A little moss would help my poor bedraggled herb garden look a little greener.

  15. How pretty are those crocuses? We don’t see them in Auckland not cold enough
    My first viewing of them was in New York it was a wonderful sight those little drops of colour in an otherwise grey environment
    Hope you have controlled you moss by now.
    The stroganoff sounds great it’s a wonderful classic dish…good twist Katie

  16. Randi, glad you liked it~ 😉
    Gilli, they are pretty, but I didn’t get many this year. I think the summer was too damp.