Pasta with Beef and Mushroom Sauce; the update — 4 Comments

  1. Love your pasta. I often do not use tomatoes in my pasta sauces and am perfectly happy not doing so.
    Insulation makes all the difference in the world. Of course walls do too. 😉
    We finally got our entire raised floor insulated – twice: once with fiberglass and then again with rigid foam, making the space air-tight. Walking across the floor is a pleasure now.

  2. I love your recipe – it’s perfect for this household as my daughter is fructose intolerant and tomatoes are a no no, which is disastrous for me as I love them so much !!

  3. Zoomie, one of these days ;-))
    Christine, I really liked this – without the tomatoes. Air-tight is not a word we use in these old buildings LOL
    manningroad, I can’t imagine living without tomatoes – cooking without them occasionally is fine