Pasta with Fresh Tomato, Green Olive Sauce; the watermelon — 4 Comments

  1. I love watermelon! Even here though the flavors have somewhat. I am pretty good at picking a good ripe melon but find that most of the good ones are not found as easily as years past. Living where I do I am lucky to Hempstead melons to choose. This year ate tasty yellow watermelon. The yellow ones I have bought have always fallen short good but the ones that come from farmer are always perfect.

  2. I grew up hating watermelon in Australia as it was so dreary and watery but have done a 360 living here in Morocco . Its a whole different fruit, lush and vibrant and full of flavour and I love it now.

  3. I have resisted buying watermelons here because I am also used to very good flavourful ones during the summer in southern Africa. The small seedless varieties fall far short of the large ones with black seeds. As a child, half the fun was spitting out the seeds and it was even better eating it in your swimming costume so you didn’t have to worry about the juice dripping on to clothes! The same applied to mangoes only with those you had to wash off the juice immediately to prevent getting a rash.

  4. gayle, I don’t know of any grown locally. We have small cantaloupes locally but most other melons come from Spain. Watermelon is new (and not very good)

    kate – when it’s good it’s wonderful 😉

    Gill, proper seed spitting is an art. Don’t bother with them here lol