Meatballs & Cabbage Skillet Dinner; renewal time — 6 Comments

  1. Good luck on Friday. Hope all goes well! This recipe sounds great. I love cooked cabbage combined with anything!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow, in France it always seems to depend on the personnality/mood of the official as to whether things go as expected or not. Have you been affected by the frost – our vines seem ok but our kiwis have been hit?

    • Oh – I hope your kiwifruit are ok. We had the vines in the Vendee and I really loved them. There are a lot around our area but I haven’t planted them here.
      Thanks for the luck 😉

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes okay.

    I love fried cabbage, cabbage in soup, coleslaw, cabbage and noodles (my favorite!) sauteed cabbage with sausage and bacon…

    • The next night I made the rest of the cabbage with bacon and onion…. We ate it all.
      I’m starting to see white cabbage here more often so I can make coleslaw in the summer, which I love. The green (Savoy) doesn’t work

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