Roast Leg of Lamb, 4 ways — 4 Comments

  1. Hahahaha….that’s how I make my beans, but I don’t add leek. White beans are so economical, easy to prepare, and good for you, I don’t know why people don’t eat them more often. Lamb prices here are outrageous. Two grocery stores in my town have now stopped carrying it altogether. One pound of ground lamb is $10.00!!! Happy Easter!

  2. An air compressor for cleaning!! What a great idea. I know that we don’t have one lurking in the basement or garage so, can we borrow yours?
    I’ve never thought to add leeks to beans either. That’s another great idea. Thank you.

  3. Tanna, handy little things, er, big things… Come on over!
    Gary, we’re lucky that lamb is reasonable here. And I agree about the beans – love them.
    Elizabeth, my first house in France came with a huge leek bed…. I put them in everything. (can’t let them go to waste LOL) The habit stayed.