Pasta with Sausage, Red Beans and Mustard; meanderings — 6 Comments

  1. What a stunning makeover! Just gorgeous.

    I love pasta. Unfortunately, my hips love it even more so I try to limit myself but sometimes, I just can’t. So I’ll have to try this one. Looks yummy.

  2. Gorgeous reno’s once again Katie…love the wood beams – stunning. I would just about die if I could not have pasta. We have a similar scenario in our house: Hubbie will not eat shell fish of any kind! So, once in a while I will make it for my lunch or dinner if he is away on business. I do miss having it on a regular basis, but like you I just do not want to make 2 meals. 🙂

  3. I have stopped eating pasta too as I love it toooo much and was eating far bigger portions than necessary – way too many carbs !!

  4. Have you tried (if you could get it in France) Chinese/Korean yam noodles? Supposedly super low in carbs (which convert to glucose as we know) if you really want diabetes-friendly pasta.


  5. You can order pasta when you eat out. My Beloved orders his faves (scallops and veal) when we go out, as I don’t make them at home. Beautful transformation of a gnarly space!

  6. nightsmusic, I tell myself not eating pasta is good for my hips….Sometimes I believe it.

    Ina, we adjust – not always happily….lol

    Kate, portion control is critical… sometimes it’s easier to just avoid it.

    brassfrog, we’ve tried rice noodles and they were the same. And if they were low in carbs, he’d have to have a potato, too – he needs the carbs, but needs to control it…. Very complicated.

    Zoomie, good idea, but we don’t go to pasta restaurants…. cause it’s all pasta! lol