Pork and Parsnips, Slow Cooker; Black Friday — 6 Comments

  1. Didn’t I comment on your last post how much I love parsnips? I love parsnips! And rutabaga and turnip. I had an English grandmother who lived on the border of Wales and a Scots grandmother. Between the two of them, those three veggies were on the menu almost every night.

    I had an InstaPot. I used it twice. I gave it to Thing One. She only uses it as a slow cooker. I found there were way too many steps using the ‘convenient’ InstaPot. Stopping, starting, stirring, releasing steam, restarting the machine…I have an old rocking pressure cooker and a newer Fagor pressure cooker and I absolutely prefer them to the InstaPot. Frankly, I labeled the InstaPot a PITA. Glad to be rid of it. If your heart is set on it, I wish you luck. The only thing I can figure is, no one who has one has ever used a plain old pressure cooker.

    • I love rutabagas. They were a holiday treat when I was growing up…. strange as that may sound. Apparently, that’s when my mother could get them. They are becoming more popular here now, I started eating regular, white turnips here because they are always available… Love them, too.
      My interest in the InstaPot is purely to inject something different into the blog. It seems to be so popular perhaps I should look into it. As for me – I have my slow cooker and my (fairly new) pressure cooker and, usually, am most content with a skillet or Dutch oven lol

  2. When I was a child, I did not like parsnips although my parents did. Fortunately when I was 8 we moved further north in Africa where it was too hot to grow good parsnips! Many years later after I was married we moved south and I discovered parsnips are one of my husbands favourite vegetables. He likes them roasted and fortunately, so do I. I will definitely be trying this recipe but in my cast iron casserole as I don’t have a slow cooker.

    • Interesting how are tastes change over time. I hated tomatoes as a child…. Hard to comprehend that now lol
      I love my slow cooker in the winter – but I would never part with my heavy casserole.

  3. Ditto re parsnips. I’d never seen nor eaten one until we moved to England. I still don’t really ‘get’ them, and I certainly don’t ‘get’ curried parsnip soup, which is what most of my colleagues were mad for in the UK.

    • I’m learning – especially since my French friend keeps giving them to me…. Yes, the Brits rave about them. I have yet to discover the secret.