Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Parsley; brambles — 4 Comments

  1. Today is 40mph wind gusts and white outs. And it’s only November 1.

    I see that same thing often with the bugs and such. Several years ago now, we got down to 24 below here. Fahrenheit. We had very little bug activity that following summer and fall and also about half the weeds we usually have. Last year, we had a very mild winter and the weeds and bugs have been exhausting.

    I like this recipe. Not too much parsley, which I don’t mind. It’s not that I don’t like it, but because it’s part of the cilantro family, if there’s too much, it overwhelms the dish for me.

    I’m just sitting here freezing…

    • Brambles grow regardless of the weather. We had a bramble hedge in the Vendee which was fine as it produced a lot of berries and could be contained. I think it was planted deliberately. Here they are all wild and no berries. Just a menace to bare arms. I hate cilantro – love parsley. 😉

  2. Maybe the stink bugs could go hang out in the brambles instead if your house and coffee…perfect winter spot for.them !!@

    • I’ll mention it too them…, Luckily they are slow moving to easy to dispatch. and they flip themselves on their back and can’t turn over. Silly things