Barbecued Pork Chops — 7 Comments

  1. Fantastic herbs! Usually I have so much basil I am putting it in vases … this year I think it’s so hot that even with me watering every day, it’s hardly growing enough to use some for dinner every night.
    That’s a wow on the pork chop photo.

  2. Those little paths you made really come in handy now, don’t they? The whole thing must give you a thrill of accomplishment every time you go out to snip some for dinner.

  3. Mmmm, barbecued pork chops! And that looks like a great marinade.
    Your herb garden looks wonderful! How on earth do you decide which herb(s) to have each evening?

  4. Apparently zucchini doesn’t grow in my garden. I’ve got tomatoes, pepper, squash and herbs and that’s about it.
    But about the pork chops: I love a marinade for chops, and this one sounds manageable for me. Must try in on a weekend.

  5. That is one lovely sounding marinade. One that I will make next time I grill pork chops. Which may be soon. Now.
    Love your herb garden!

  6. Tanna,you need rain…. You probably know that. We haven’t had any for over 3 weeks either, and this week was very hot. I hope it all keeps growing. And thanks 😉
    manningroad, my freezer is filling up – I did a bunch of herbs yesterday.
    Zoomie, I love my little paths – except they’re going to have to come up to go around the big fence to keep the bunnies out over the winter… Never ends.
    Elizabeth, I just pick lots and use them all – no discrimination!
    Mimi, I thought zucchini grew anywhere and everywhere – unstoppable! I can never get peppers to grow…
    Christine, thanks – on both counts!