Stuffed Rainbow Chard Leaves, Pesto Rosso — 4 Comments

  1. Well, you could be growing a car in your yard…

    My dad bought the property I live on in 1935. It was a small portion of a much larger farm that had been parceled into huge lots. My father used a far back corner of the several acres as not so much a garbage spot but a catch all for the other detritus like wire, pieces of link fence, barbed wire and I flat head Ford. The engine finally surfaced enough to finish digging it out last fall. There’s still more coming up.

    This dish looks wonderful but I’d have to make it without the peppers. 🙁

  2. nightsmusic, it’s amazing how stuff just keeps coming to the surface. We had a big metal pot surface in the front lawn 2 years ago.

    Kate, rubbish tip is right!

    Zoomie, it’s really doing well this year – last year was awful, so I guess it’s averaging….