Grilled Orange Chicken Breasts; a hair cut — 8 Comments

  1. I can’t eat commercial orange marmalade. My gran made it, I loved it. She died, I bought it in a jar, it was the worst stuff I’ve ever had trying to pass itself off as a sweet spread. Never again.

    I don’t like getting my hair cut either. I’ve had two good cuts in my life. That was it. :/ I also don’t like to color it myself anymore but can’t seem to find someone who will willingly do the color I want which is my base color that’s growing out, and highlight it with silver so my gray can grow in naturally. Everyone wants to ‘improve’ it.

    • I don’t like it, possibly because I’ve never had good marmalade, but he likes it on toast and I like it for marinades so it works – for summer. In the US, they seem to want to ‘improve’ whatever and also sell stuff. That’s why I liked this place – efficient and did as I wanted lol. I hate fussing with my hair 😉

  2. Our hairdresser does not have a salon. She provides a mobile service as well as having the concession at the salon in the maison de retraite. She lives next door to us and once (or occasionally twice) a year she comes over and cuts our hair back to shoulder length. It costs €20 for the two of us ie €10 each.

  3. I’m not allowed to use my husband’s home-made Seville orange marmalade in marinades. If I want to do that, I have to buy it at the supermarket.

    Clearly, after gazing (drooling) at the photo of your chicken, I neeeeeeeeed to add “marmalade” to the grocery list….