Picnic Pasta Salad; When the words don’t work right…. — 13 Comments

  1. Katie, the medley in this pasta salad is magnique. So, there’s 12 ingredients in it, with French logic, it’s called Treize Salade?

  2. This looks amazing and perfect for summer. I don’t like a lot of sauce on pasta salad and this looks like it’d fit the bill!

  3. We have a similar discussion about our front and back door on the lake. I say to door facing the lake opening into the living room is the front door. Gorn says the door facing the woods & driveway opening into the kitchen is the front door. sigh . . . is it in the genes ;))
    I seem to remember a salad very much like this one and remember it as excellent.

  4. First, yet again, you have me laughing, so thanks for that.
    Second, don’t kill me, but I’d say…this coming Sunday, but what do I know.
    And your pasta salad looks delish! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night.

  5. Peter, you understand so well!
    Lynn, lots of veggies/not so much dressing… Me too!
    Tanna, the door into the kitchen is always the back door…everyone knows that…
    Shayne, would that be a week from THIS Sunday?
    Ruth, I think I just eliminate the ‘coming’ part… always trying to conserves, you know!

  6. loulou, then we must be right!
    Chris, my version of Wishbone, without all the unprouncables ( I made up that word)

  7. I’m with you on the days thing. Next sunday is the Sunday following this Sunday coming up. The NEXT (slot in appropriate day) is always over a week away and THIS is always the closest one in the immediate future. It causes a lot of problems for me here in the Somerset countryside, where ‘just now’ which in SOuth Africa means ‘in a little while’, tends to mean ‘immediately if not sooner’ to the SOmerset locals. needless to say I’m still teh odd foreigner who never makes sense. Pasta salad is still pasta salad in any language though, and yours looks yummy!

  8. african vanielje – perfectly explained… Thank you. And you are, of course, absolutely correct!

  9. I’ve always found the “this/next” issue confusing. I’m afraid I tend to side with your husband on my intuitive understanding of the terms, but I do see your logic.
    Hope your summer is cooking up well!