Lemon Zucchini Bread, the end of the canal — 3 Comments

  1. This zucchini bread looks great. Unfortunately, my zucchini and squash were not successful this year. We had a terribly cool spring here in NC followed by rain, then super hot and dry. Now we have hot, humid and rainy. I am struggling to can all my tomatoes which have decided to crack since the rain picked up. Love your blog, it keeps me dreaming.

  2. Made this yesterday for a party at my church. It was a hit! We were doing a class on gardening and honey bees so had homemade goat cheese and strawberry honey jam that we put on the slices…it was a perfect mix!

  3. Robin, vegetable gardening is not for the faint of heart. I have tons of huge green tomatoes that are just hanging there, doing nothing. No rain since early June. So nice to hear you like my blog 😉

    Gayle, honey and goat cheese…. yum. I just made it again so will have to try that.