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Grilled Pork Chops, Moroccan Spices; French words — 8 Comments

  1. I try to always buy nice, thick, bone-in chops. On the grill, it’s fast and hot. In the cast iron pan, it’s hot sear and into the oven. I have never had good luck with thin chops. They cook too fast for me and end up like shoe leather. 🙁

  2. My favorite pork chop vendor (he is always at my favorite farmers’ markets) tends to always have bone-in, thick, fatty pork chops. I like my chops thick. I don’t mind bones. Fat can be cut off. My husband is the opposite. Often when I buy chops, I will cut them off the bone and pound them flat because he would be turned off by thick meat, with visible fat, that he has to bother cutting off a bone. Sometimes I render a bit of that excess fat and to cook the chops in it, so the pork flavor is amplified.

    I have a huge jar of Zaa’tar right now and I hardly ever use it. Now you have given me some inspiration for the next time I get some of those chops from the market. Maybe I won’t pound them and tell the man to suck it up!

    • f I trim the fat I use it to fry potatoes….We like them thick and still pink I think I’d be very happy with your pork chop vendor lol