Chicken Salad with Grilled Potatoes and Onions; the hunt dinner — 7 Comments

  1. The Hunt Dinner looks delicious. And so does the salad you made.

    My garden is planted but I have a dilemma. I have a heavy duty chicken type wire around the raised bed that’s 6 feet high. The wire is squares rather than the traditional hexagon and the openings are very small. I went out to check yesterday to see how the plants had fared with the massive amounts of rain we’re still getting and lo and behold, out of the four bush cucumber plants I have, all four with two stems and lots of leaves, ONE only has two stems! It definitely had leaves, a lot of them, when I planted it. The gate was closed tight, there’s no way an animal could get in there that I can see…TWO STEMS! And my trail cam won’t pick up that far. I haven’t gone out today, the rain has been bad and there is lightning and thunder and with my luck, I’d get struck. Tomorrow, I’ll look and hope nothing ate the other three plants.


    • With all the rain I would guess it was slugs. They ate the leaves off my delicata squash plants…. they leave the stem. I know it was a slug ’cause i caught him in the act lol
      If it happens again, put egg shells around them. Slugs and snails don’t like to cross egg shells Copper wire will also keep them away. They won’t cross it. Good luck.
      I had birds pluck out my green beans as they peaked through…. always something

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