Barbecued Chicken, Barbecue Sauce; butterflies — 6 Comments

    • You have access to such wonderful food there…. and it’s hard to barbecue when you’re in an apartment – and tough to get inspired for one lol
      Next time you’re here !

  1. I have some spearmint in full bloom which is covered in butterflies. They are so pretty.
    I do hope we get the rain forecast for tomorrow

  2. It was terribly hot here also for a few days. Not quite 100 out, but the humidity was well over 90%. The air was so hot and thick it was impossible to breathe.

    I have fern leaf dill in my garden. Not because I use it a lot, the flavor is almost too delicate for pickling, but because it was covered in black swallowtail caterpillars. I’d lost track after the 13th or 14th. Got a lot of wonderful pictures. Between them and the milkweed that I couldn’t get rid of if I tried, along with all the other critter friendly things I have planted, it’s a joy to sit in the backyard and watch them during the day. I also have a red headed finch pair nesting in the hanging planter on my front porch. We’ve tried to avoid sitting out there to not bother her but I do check daily and it’s been pretty fascinating to watch them.

    And my bees don’t leave when I’m watering either.

    • We’re very grateful we don’t get that humidity. The locals complain about our humidity (60%) – we just laugh.
      We have big birds – hawks, doves, magpies and hoopoes… but I rarely see small ones in summer. In winter I feed finches. I’m happy with the butterflies lol