Brussels Sprouts and Sausage Risotto; Netflix? — 11 Comments

  1. My professional entomology listserver is buzzing with news of nature preserves being cut in half by bits of the wall, and funding being sidelined from conservation work to wall building work.

    • I don’t even want to talk about the the cutbacks and eliminations of nature preserves, parks, etc. in the US. It makes me heartsick!
      And the wall has not yet been started – and likely never will be!

  2. Mmmmm!! Two of my favourite things: Brussels Sprouts and Risotto!

    Prepackaged Brussels sprouts? Je ne comprends pas. Does that mean you can’t choose how many you want? You have to get whatever number the shop decides? Or does it simply mean you don’t ever get to see the stalks? (We hardly ever see Brussels sprouts on the stem here – only at farmers’ markets)

    With regards to Netflix, we’ve been really liking “Life in Pieces”.

    • It’s bizarre – and only in 500gr packages. There is one store (that is twice the distance) that sells them in bulk but I don’t often get there. And never on the stalks.
      Thanks for the Netflix tip – we get French and US Netflix (VPN) I’ll have a look. Just finished Hinterland which was good – if a bit bleak (Wales)

      • 500g doesn’t seem like a whole lot. Why are they so cheese paring with Brussels sprouts? Is it some sort of prejudice against Belgium?

        I’ve never bought Brussels sprouts on the stalks. (I wonder what one does with the stalks. Do you think they’re edible, the way that broccoli and cauliflower stems are edible?)

        Thanks for the tip about Hinterland. Once we’ve finished watching Marcella, we’ll give it a try.