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Grilled Chicken with Herbs and Lemon — 4 Comments

  1. We don’t do much chicken on the grill more because it’s usually dry by the time it’s cooked. This looks yummy and I’m wondering if I could give it some color on the grill, then move it to the oven and do my potato packets and green beans/bacon/onion packets on the grill while the chicken cooks…I might have to try that.

    I get pretty irritated with all the pictures on the food blogger sites as well. The only one I’ve ever been ‘grateful’ to for doing a video was Natasha’s Kitchen when I tried macarons for the first time. But that’s the thing. If I need to see something done, and that’s so very rare, I’ll go looking for a video or pictures. I don’t need them to grill a steak. I’ve been cooking longer than most of these food bloggers have been alive for beef’s sake!

    • And I don’t need a photo of an onion before it’s cut. I know what an onion looks like. I blame it all on the pioneer woman (whom I avoid at all costs. She once did a post on making toast.,… in a toasted, a dozen photos.

  2. I appreciate your frugal step by step photos…most people have a dozen of the most basic of steps eg here is a brownie pan !!!

    • It drives my crazy when I actually want to see the recipe and have to scroll for hours to get there. Those of us without lightening fast internet are not happy.